Full Service Delivery & Pick-Up

Full Service Delivery & Pick-Up

All crates are delivered straight to your door-step, saving you time, energy and money. Pre-built design eliminates the unnecessary waist of packing tape. Move your packed bins around the house with no effort using four-wheel dollies that come with package.

1) We Deliver

Simply order your crate delivery by selecting the date and time desired and our team will make sure to deliver your moving boxes on time. No matter if it’s a business or a residence, our team will be happy to access any location.

2) You Move

Now that you have all the packing supplies – let’s get to business and start packing. Our user-friendly design makes packing of your items seamless and easy. Step two would would be to move everything that you accomplished packing.  Build-in handles and fold over lid will provide with unparalleled convenience when handling crates. Water resistant design makes your valuable documents safer than any cardboard box. Safeguard your breakables and delicate items by using our crushproof, heavy-duty crates.

3) We Pick-up

Now when the move is behind it’s time to unpack crates and stack them away. Make sure all of your items are removed from the bins and nothing is left behind. Please do not forget to remove your labels and tags. Let’s be respectful of each other’s time and make it easy for the our pick-up team to collect the crates.