How To Label Crates

Where do I place the label?

Gently place the label on the side or the top textured label area. Please DO NOT place the label on the smooth finish of the crate. By placing labels correctly you will make it easier for yourself when removing the label upon completion of the move.

Do I have to remove labels upon completion of the move?

Yes, it is totally customer’s responsibility to remove all labels from the crate(s) when unpacking. Leaving labels on crates may result in unwanted cleaning fee charges of $5/crate. Please note that we serve hundreds of clients and removing labels after every move is extremely time consuming. Let’s be respectful of each other’s time and keep the process straight and simple.

Can I order extra labels?

We normally supply with 1 label per crate, but you can certainly order more labels if you fill like you’ll need extra ones. Simply send us an email to requesting to add more labels to the package rented.

Can I simply use my marker to wright on crates?

DO NOT wright on crates! Always make sure to use a label. Our crates are reusable and we need to maintain their condition.