How To Move Liquids

How to Move Liquids? 

Use plastic crates to help protect your liquid items. The key to a successful move is to be well-organized. It is vital to know how to pack fragile items properly. A good example of fragile items includes liquid products. If you need to pack and move liquids, such as wine, olive oil or cleaning supplies, it will be a lot safer, and more convenient, to pack them inside plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes.

Why? Cardboard boxes, even the heavy duty ones, can run the risk of getting damaged. As a result, it could cause your liquids to burst or leak. Instead, pack your liquids in sealed plastic crates that are waterproof and heavy duty – crush proof.

Why Use Plastic Crates Instead of Cardboard Boxes?

If you’re still not convinced, consider the following scenario. Let’s say you decide to place your liquid items into cardboard boxes and you place them onto a moving truck along with your furniture and other belongings. If your liquids begin to leak, there’s strong possibility that it may seep through the boxes and come in contact with your furniture and other items.  As a result, it will completely destroy your furniture and any other items nearby during transport.

However, if you place them in plastic containers and your liquid items begin to leak, it will not leave the container.  Therefore, your furniture and other belongings will be well-protected against any potential damage. Why not make your life easier and order crates from Super Crate today!

Here a few more reasons to consider using plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes:

  • Plastic crates are environmentally friendly. Although cardboard boxes are recyclable, they usually end up in landfills. As a result, it’s harmful to our environment and the air we breathe.
  • Plastic crates are more cost-effective compared to cardboard boxes. For example, If you decide to pack liquids in a cardboard box and it begins to leak it could potentially damage other items, such as furniture and clothing. Then you have to spend money to repair or replace your damaged items. With the plastic crates, you do not have to worry about your belongings becoming damaged by spilled liquids, as mentioned earlier.
  • Plastic crates are easy to store. Cardboard boxes have to be torn down and then disposed of after a move. If you have a lot of boxes to get rid of, this process can be completely time-consuming.

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