The Best Packing Materials for a Move

The Challenges of Packing

When you think about packing your home or office for a move, you probably think about using the traditional packing materials — cardboard boxes sealed with tape. You can borrow boxes from a mover, but they have likely been used before and lost some of their integrity. You can also get used boxes cast off by a local store, but are they the right thickness or most convenient size?

If the boxes have been flattened, you must tape them up again, ensuring you cover all open sides of the flaps (and using those cumbersome tape dispensers with the unforgiving tape). Boxes already taped up may have old tape on them that is drying and possibly losing its effectiveness.

If you have heavy items such as books, what are you going to do?

Unless boxes and tape are brand new and haven’t been exposed to the elements and the rigors of time and prior use, they are not going to be reliable. You won’t be able to trust putting your heavier or more valuable possessions inside of them. Books piled into one of these boxes could end up breaking through or falling through the bottom when the box is lifted.

There’s also the time spent with assembling and taping up each box you are packing. You could spend a good chunk of your packing time doing this, which might explain why most people dread packing for a move!

Clearly, finding packing materials that are easy to work with, able to stand up over time and will protect your possessions can be a challenge.

Until now.

Your Packing Solution

What if you could pack your possessions in a box made of a durable, water-proof material, featuring a fold-over lid and built so no tape is required? And, what if that box also included handles for easy lifting and carrying?

Introducing plastic crates from Super Crate. Plastic crates are up to 10 times more durable than the average cardboard box and they are reusable. Because they are designed as a single piece, they won’t break — no matter how heavy the contents are. Your items will stay safe and you will be protected from heavier items breaking through or falling out the box.

Packing a pre-built plastic crate with an attached fold-over lid that seals the box takes way less time than packing a standard cardboard moving box. You no longer have to spend time putting a box together and sealing it up with tape. If you need to reopen the crate to access contents, you can simply open the lid. Plastic crates from Super Crate also help you stay more organized, as they come with easy-to-use and remove labels.

Moving Made Easy

When it comes to transporting plastic crates, each crate comes with easy-to-grasp built-in handles. Haven’t you always wished boxes had those? Plus, the specially designed fold-over lid allows the crates to be stacked and placed on one another, saving space in the moving van. You don’t have to worry about boxes sliding, falling or getting crushed, and there are no more broken items!

As you can see, plastic crates require no assembly and no tape, are easy to lift and carry, protect your possessions, hold heavy items without breaking, stack easily and take up less space. They are really the perfect packing solution for your move!