Which is Better for the Environment?

Plastic Crate Rentals or Cardboard Boxes?

Which is Better for the Environment?

Plastic Crate Rentals or Cardboard Boxes?

Our planet takes some hard hits when it comes to industrial manufacturing. Every little thing we can do to help soften the blow is extremely beneficial to the entire planet and all life that resides here.

A majority of people who are packing up their homes to move choose cardboard moving boxes. This is extremely detrimental to the environment in so many ways. In the U.S. alone, 100-billion boxes are manufactured annually. According to the EPA, it takes 17 trees to make one ton of cardboard boxes. If the math is correct, that means 1,173-million trees are lost every year. Sure, they can be recycled, but that’s a lot of damage done to the Earth and trees take a long time to grow!

There is actually more headache that comes with cardboard boxes than the plastic. They get damaged so easily that your contents are not really that safe. If a cardboard box gets too wet, your contents might be within the risk of being damaged. If you store wet boxes in a storage unit after the move your belongings will likely mold and that’s not good at all. Plastic boxes will hold up much longer, as well as, keeping your items safe and dry.

What’s the Great Alternative?

Now that we know what the problem is let’s move on to the solution!

When you require the use of cardboard boxes for moving or whatever it may be, look into super crates, commercial bins, and bin rentals in your area. Using plastic bins or moving crates is one of the better ways to try to save the planet while completing the task at hand.

Plastic crates can be recycled just like cardboard. However, unlike cardboard, the plastic bins will last much longer and can be used hundreds of times before it possibly breaks. The contents of your bins will stay dry if it rains where cardboard will get wet possibly damaging your precious items.

Where Can You Find Moving Crates?

You can find durable crate rentals in Boston as well as other parts of the US. Crate rentals is a growing trend as more people choose to become environmentally friendly and aware of their actions. In addition, you can find bin rentals in Boston through moving companies. Renting plastic crates can save you time, money, and helps to preserve nature.

Every little step we take towards becoming more eco-friendly and aware is a huge step in the right direction. Whether you start with trading in your cardboard moving boxes for plastic bins or simply recycling, it’s an effort to make this world a better more sustainable place and a better environment for the future generations!