Things to know about renting crates

Obviously you’ll need some type of system when packing and labeling your moving boxes or crates. If you did the right move and rented reusable moving bins from Super Crate, labeling will not be a big of challenge. Super Crate will not only deliver moving crates, we will also supply with labels and markers.

Where do I place the label?

Gently place the label on the side or the top textured label area. Please DO NOT place the label on the smooth finish of the crate. By placing labels correctly you will make it easier for yourself when removing the label upon completion of the move.

Do I have to remove labels upon completion of the move?

Yes, it is totally customer’s responsibility to remove all labels from the crate(s) when unpacking.  Leaving labels on crates may result in unwanted cleaning fee charges of $5/crate. Please note that we serve hundreds of clients and removing labels after every move is extremely time consuming. Let’s be respectful of each other’s time and keep the process straight and simple.

What happens if spill liquids inside the crate?

You moved your liquids in our crates and one of the containers or bottles got opened? Not a problem. Are moving crates are waterproof and liquids do not cause physical damage to the crate. Kindly clean the crate before returning it make sure there are no remaining marks left.

Do crates come with dollies?

Our crate rental packages come with a preset number of dollies, but you can add additional dollies when checking out.

Will the delivery guy bring my crates inside the apartment/house?

Absolutely! Our delivery team will bring the crates inside your place no matter if it’s a ground floor or 3d floor walk-up. Please make sure to enter your access information correctly when checking out to avoid any unexpected charges!

Can I extend the rental?

You can easily extend the rental of our moving crates. Simply send us an email to requesting more time.

What is the maximum weight allowed in the crate?

We do not recommend packing more than 80 lbs per crate. Please keep in mind that your movers (or you) would have to stack crates in the truck, therefore you need to make sure you don’t overload crates that sitting on top of each other.

Is the lid attached or do I need to assemble it?

Our crates come pre-built and all you have to do is to open the crate > pack your articles in > close the lid. Super Crate crates are very easy to open, re-open, close and stack.

Can I move animals in the crate?

Absolutely not! You cannot move any animals, fish, plants or any other living things in crates.

Things to know about Renting Crates