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SuperCrate offers a great solution in reusable plastic crates and boxes as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Reusable plastic moving boxes are an environmentally friendly, time saving and cost efficient packing solution.

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We deliver our moving crates to your doorstep for maximum convenience.

You Move

Moving with crates is easier, quicker and safer than with cardboard boxes.

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Take care of the unpacking – we’ll take care of taking our crates back.

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Powerful Features

Forget about the cardboard waste. Rent reusable moving boxes.


The crates are mono-body which means that no matter how heavy the content is, they won’t break. They are equipped with reinforced handles and designed to be 10 times as durable as an average cardboard box. Save your valuables – hire moving crates!


Super crates are made of recyclable plastic. They are enduring and can last for years helping to cut back on deforestation. The Environment Protection Agency states that it takes 1 tree to make 151.6 cardboard boxes. It takes O trees to make 150 crates. Save the trees – take moving boxes for rent!


Order your crates online and we will deliver them right to your doorstep in the shortest time. Our crates are pre-built which means you don’t need to unfold it like standard moving boxes. No need to tape – just close the lid! Save yourself time and money by cutting unnecessary expenses.


If you think you cannot move into a new home without cardboard boxes and all the mess related to their usage, think again. Super Crate is here to offer you reusable moving boxes made of durable plastic. With us, you won’t get into cardboard container recycling trouble anymore. Once you’re done with unpacking, take off the labels from our plastic crates and stack them at your front door. Our staff will come and pick them in a flash.

Designed to Stack and Roll

Designed for both, moving companies and customer. Reusable moving boxes speed up any move and insure safety of your valuables in transit.

Reusable moving crates are much easier to handle that standard cardboard boxes…


Prebuilt mono-body crate with an attached lid. No more spending time on putting a box together and sealing it up with tape. Need to reopen the crate – simply open the lid if you need to access contents.


To ensure your smooth experience with our plastic crates, we’ve furnished them with handy fold-over lids. From now on, all your removals will be a breeze.


Avoid the hassle of going out, buying, building up, breaking down and disposing of cardboard moving boxes. Our plastic boxes are reusable! We will simply come and pick them up when you are done with moving your belongings. Be smart – order your delivery of prebuilt moving crates!


You can rent 15 plastic moving boxes in Boston for two weeks for just $149! The delivery and pick-up are free of charge. The crates also come with a rolling cart, labels, and markers. If you are looking for cheap plastic bins for moving in Boston, search no more! Simply click the “Rent crates” button above, select the package that fits your needs, enter the delivery and pick-up address, date, and time, pay online with your credit card, and wait for our specialists to show up at your door. If you have more questions about our services or moving boxes prices, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1(855)545-6255 or drop a line at

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Crates Rented

Super Crate rented more than 10,000 crates to our clients in Boston!


Trees Saved

Approximately 70 trees where saved thanks to the usage of our crates in 2017


Minutes Saved

More than 35,000 minutes of valuable time was saved by eliminating unnecessary packaging and putting boxes together

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Packing crisis?

Super Crate reusable moving containers come to the rescue!

Moving to a new place is like beginning a new chapter of life. Nothing could be more exciting than that. However, your experience may be ruined by the packing routine. Well, it’s hard to argue that packing is the most time- and energy-consuming part of moving. Just imagine how much time it may take you to put together the collapsed cardboard boxes, not taking into account sorting out and throwing away all unnecessaries. Then you have to actually bubble-wrap and pack up all of your belongings, label and tape the boxes shut. And even after you unpack, the headache is not over yet because then you have to figure out how to get rid of all of the boxes. Sounds exhausting, right? But what if we told you that there is a simple solution to all of your moving problems? Super Crate offers reusable plastic moving boxes for rent in Boston at an affordable price. It is an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to pack up your house that saves you both time and money.

Why use plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard?

These days millions of householders continue using cardboard boxes, mistakenly taking them as the greenest packaging option. But getting at the root of paper products manufacturing reveals that it takes substantial amounts of energy, leaving alone timber extraction. If you care about the future of the planet as deeply as we do, rent a crate made of recyclable plastic next time you need to move! Our super crates are pre-built for your ultimate convenience. They are easy to carry and can endure much more weight than an ordinary box. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything leaking onto your expensive furniture. Forget about taping – all you need to do is close the lid! Plus, unlike cardboard boxes, our moving crates never slide and fall as they are designed to be stackable and save space in the van.

what people say about SuperCrate

Client Testimonials

Affordable, convenient and very easy to use. I really liked the fact that renting crates costs less than buying cardboard boxes. Crates were delivered right to my door-front just as I requested online. Great service at a great price!

Patrick Smith

General Contractor

Great service that that made our moving process so much easier. Ordering the crates was fast and efficient, delivery and pick-up were on time and the crates themselves were light and easy to move around using wheels. This is was a great way to move our apartment in Boston!

Susan Jeffrey

Fitness guru